Renown will replace Reborn this year as our In town Retreat. Here is what the event promo says about it:

Have you ever asked the question: What is the purpose of the Christian life? Jesus described this life in Matthew 5:13-16 as represented by two elements: Salt & Light.

Salt represents usefulness, healing, and the ability to change things for the better, while light speaks to prevailing over darkness as a shining beacon of truth for the gospel. But in the same passage Jesus warns that salt can become tasteless and light can be hidden. When these things happen, both elements are useless.

How can a Christian remain useful to Jesus Christ the king? Renown: Salt & Light is a conference designed to help middle school and high school students understand their purpose as Christians in serving as useful elements in the service of God. Join us as our speakers Albert Mohler, Dan Dumas and Eric Geiger help guide students toward the Scriptures in order to gain an understanding for their life’s highest calling; Bringing the light and changing power of the gospel to men and women in need of reconciliation to God.

The students will still stay at group homes (Members of Springdale Community Church) across the city both Friday and Saturday Nights. The event will conclude Sunday Morning at Springdale after the 11am service (approx. 12:15pm).
Dates: March 17-19
Cost: $89
Register: HERE Deadline to Register is March 3rd.
Questions? Email Joel Oates at

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