Fusion Student Ministry is headed to Cuba in summer 2017! We are partnering with Youth Ministry International for the 3rd time to ensure a quality missions trip. More information coming soon.

Matthew 28:18-20 18And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  19Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  20teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Contact: Jeremy White at for more information or questions.



Fusion is headed to Romania in the summer of 2015!! This is an exciting opportunity to serve The Lord by sharing the Gospel with people across the world from us. We have a very important meeting 12.7.14 at 12:15 in the student building. I hope you come on out to get all the details and pray about coming with us this summer!

Dates: July 24-August 4th

Cost: $2,500-3,000

What: We will share the Gospel by doing a VBS by day for children and by conducting an evangelistic English camp by night.

Hope to see you on the 7th!

Saying Goodbye

What a trip! Words cannot describe how special the last two weeks have been in our lives. When writing this we were somewhere between Kiev, Ukraine & Frankfurt, Germany. I am surrounded by sleeping leaders and students; we are truly worn out. But exhaustion has never felt so good. We have poured our lives out physically and spiritually and I have never been so proud as a pastor before. I left the country with 10 teenagers and 6 leaders and never once heard a complaint. Even when our situations might not have been comfortable, they just beamed with joy to serve Jesus. Where the presence of The Lord is there is joy. Words truly cannot describe what I am feeling right now…

I want to say thank you to everyone who has prayed for us, sent us cards, and supported us financially for this trip. All of you are a HUGE part of this trip. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, & and YOU GUESSED IT, THANK YOU! Thank you Jason Autry and Springdale Community Church for being the most supportive church a student pastor and youth group could have. I am so thankful to serve with the people that I do.

During this trip we got to experience a small taste of what Heaven will be like. It is amazing to me how quickly people can become a part of you and get inside of your heart. What a privilege it is to be a part of God’s family, how I long for the day when all of God’s people throughout the ages will celebrate together without the barrier of language.


Today is our last full day of iCamp! We have had such an AWESOME time so far! God has truly blessed our time in the Ukraine. Praise be to God, many students came to Christ last night! We will know a number by the end of the night. Thank you for your prayers; God heard you! The cool part about this trip is that we are sending these students back to their homes with youth pastors that will continue to teach them how to live for Christ!

I could not be more proud of my students and leaders than I am right now! They have served The Lord well this week and had a blast doing it! My heart is truly overwhelmed with joy!

I apologize for the lack of updates, but internet has been scarce at the camp site, and the schedule is very tight. But in the coming days I will post more pictures and describe more about the week.

Stay tuned and keep praying! Pray that more come to Christ tonight!!

Lutsk, Here We Come!

As I write this we are traveling on an overnight train from Keiv to Lutsk. What an experience!! It was mayhem to get on the train with 22 people, but we made it…Praise Jesus

In preperation for this trip we spent the day yesterday resting and packing. We also planned out some of the finer deails of the iCamp (international camp) that we will be running this week. iCamp is a camp in which we will teach English to teenage students that live in the surrounding areas of Kiev and Lutsk. Learning English will earn a Ukrainian person up to a double salary; How incredible is that! While we teach English to them we will be teaching them about Jesus and His Gospel. This is the main reason for the camp. They know coming in that this is a Christian camp and that we will talk with them about Christ a lot, but they are willing to endure it to learn English. Randy Smith, the President of YMI (Youth Ministry International) told us that this is has been the most successful evangelistic short term missions trip that he has ever seen; and we are EXCITED to be apart of it!! How awesome is it that many who are traveling to this camp to learn English will soon meet their Savior!

We will arrive in Lutsk at 3:30am our time, which is 8:30pm EST. We will be exhausted again, but it will all be worth it to share Jesus with the 75 Ukrainian teenagers coming to this camp. Since we will be in a romote area we will have our own church service in the morning. This will be a sweet time of fellowship together.

Pray for us and the campers this next week. Pray for Jesus to save people’s souls and to santify HIS people!

More to come….

Kiev, Ukraine

We have arrived!!!! We were exhausted yesterday but we are all well adjusted to our new schedule (They are 7 hours ahead of EST). Today was our first full day in the Ukraine. We spent half the day worshipping, in prayer, having devotions, talking about the upcoming week of camp, and having Russian language lessons. Then we spent the other half of the day touring Kiev, the capital of the country. It really is an amazing place with a ton of interesting history.

We ate dinner tonight at the food court in the largest underground mall in the world! The majority of the group ate at McDonalds; how lame is that? A few of us, myself included, ventured off and ate a traditional Ukrainian meal, and it was delicious!

We have only one more full day in Kiev before we take an overnight train to Lutsk, where we will spend a week running an iCamp. I will be updating about every other day informing you on what we are experiencing and doing at this camp.

So hold on tight there will be more updates soon! But please pray for God to save many people as we go out and share the beauty of HIS Gospel for the next 12 days!